Since 2004 Adam Biesk Art Advisory has specialized in contemporary art and international emerging artists with an emphasis on artists who have acknowledged museum and auction house participation. Past experience with significant private and corporate collections has built long-term relationships with gallerists and auction houses. Unlike a commercial art gallery that promotes a short list of artists, Adam Biesk Art Advisory distinguishes from a world view of contemporary masters and young emerging artists to make discerning, informed choices.


To build focused, relevant art collections that establish the relationship between artist/art and client. Attention must be given to historical importance, as well as capital worth, while giving careful guidance to new trends.

Buying – Concentration is on relevant works that are emblematic and seminal to the artist. Extensive knowledge of locating and acquiring art works in competitive markets. Sourcing works through primary galleries, secondary market dealers, auction houses, private collections, and art fairs. Thorough auction analysis, research into artist curriculum, price comparisons, vetting trends and looking prudently to the future. Examining condition reports. Full negotiating.

Selling – Adam Biesk Art Advisory specializes in the arrangement of private sales. Priority is given to discreet transactions as an alternative to public auction. Art works taken on consignment are appraised and evaluated. Giving scrutiny to the timing of sale. Selling price and commission are on a mutually agreed upon basis.

Auction – Complete liaison between client and auction house. Acquistions made by bidding on client’s behalf and consignment sales arranged. Preliminary review of auction house fees and commissions. Organization of shipping.

Framing – Assistance in all aspects of archival framing. Extensive list of museum quality framers. Advice and resources on conservation and restoration.

Shipping – Coordination of domestic and international shipping. Crating, insurance, collection, storage, and delivery. Cost effective estimates compiled. Safety and preservation of the artwork are utmost importance.

Installation – Professional installation technicians provided. Supervision and concern given to lighting, client desires, and relationship between object and architectural space.